The Groomers Profit Kit

Attract New Grooming Clients & Increase Profits!

Try A Free Pet Report Card Template. It's our most popular template included in our kit.

Download this free Pet Report Card template and see how easy it is to edit and personalize the templates in The Groomer's Profit Kit. Simply download the template, then go to the free online editor at Google Slides: to edit it. Instruction sheet included.  

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Pet Report Cards Nurture Customer Loyalty & Increase Profits

Nurture Loyalty

You can instantly connect with clients, AND sell them additional products or services by simply handing a pet report card to each client prior to ringing out their grooming sale. There is plenty of room to write your own comments on the report card. As well as a section that pertains to teeth, ears, and coat. Pet owners love the novelty of these pet report cards and they will appreciate your caring and attentiveness.  This type of care & concern helps to keep customers loyal to your business.

Also Works As A Sales Tool

The report cards also have a section on them for recommended brushing frequency and any groom-at-home tools that you may want to recommend. Retail slicker brushes and comb sales increase drastically when mentioned on the report cards. As well as other products or add-on services that you may recommend. 

Here's how quickly these little sales add up to large profits

One salon, that grooms eight dogs per day could expect to see 50% of those clients purchase an add-on. With an average of a $5 profit for each add-on, that could be 4 clients x $5 = $20/day. Multiply that times five days a week and it equals $100 more per week or 54 weeks per year multiplied by $100 = $5,400 more profit per year! And that is just by using the pet report cards. The Groomer’s Profit Kit has many more tools that will help you to effortlessly add on even more profits! It also includes a list of United States pet supply wholesalers in case you need to find resources for purchasing products for retail sales.