The Groomers Profit Kit

Attract New Grooming Clients & Increase Profits!


Effortlessly Make More Money and Work Less

Easily increase your grooming business profits by simply utilizing the dozens of pre-made profit building programs that are included in The Groomer's Profit Kit. Includes printables that work as silent sales tools to increase your profits. (profit program details are all included in the kit)

Printable tips signs to place on any jar or coin holder on your checkout counter

One Of The Quickest Ways To Instantly Increase Your Income Is To Print & Display These Tip Jar Signs

Do you currently have a tip jar on display? If not, it's a super easy way to instantly increase your income. A simple tip jar on your counter can easily add up to at least an extra $10 per day and probably much more. $10/day times 5 days/week quickly adds up to $50 more per week or $200+ more per month! 

These printable pet grooming tip jar signs are included in the kit.  Simply print, tape onto an empty jar and display on your counter for an instant pay increase!  

Grooming services menu list templates

Easily Sell Additional Services By Simply Displaying A Services Menu

Customers will purchase additional little services when they know that they are available. Utilize our kit's dozens of service menu templates to quickly print up a list of all the little add-ons that you offer. Each additional add-on service quickly adds up to more profits!

Coat whitening and coat color enhancing add-on grooming services promotional signs

Get Paid More For Services You May Already Be Providing

The average pet owner assumes that all grooming salons are the same. Leading them to pay way too much attention to price. But by placing a few strategic signs around your salon, you can effortlessly begin to improve your client's perceived value in your services AND increase your profits. 

 The Groomer's Profit Kit contains dozens of printable signs. The coat whitening and coat color enhancing signs(pictured) are two of our most popular ones. Services like these are what pet owners slowly begin to pick up on when price shopping. They know their pet looks better when they bring him to you, but they just can't figure out why. Signs like these will show them why. Plus, they add up to additional profits for you. Simple services like coat whitening & color enhancing only take a few more minutes to do and since the products cost just pennies per application, your profits really add up. (Chris Christensen offers a coat color shampoo kit for just under $20 and it's enough to do dozens of dogs. You can find it on or from Cherrybrook). The printable signs are included in our kit. 

Several coupon templates are included. 100% editable to offer anything you would like.

Entice Customer To Purchase More With The Coupon Templates In The Kit

100% editable to offer anything you would like. Easily entice grooming customers to add on additional services by handing them a different coupon after each groom. Simple, quick little upgrades such as shed less treatments, nail filing, or nail polish quickly add up to $100's in additional profit each month!

Brushing education pamphlet and flea cycle pamphlet templates in the kit are 100% editable

Pre-Made, 100% Editable Customer Handouts That Educate & Sell

Customer handouts help to educate customers on the importance of brushing and flea prevention. Once educated, customers are then more inclined to purchase brushes and flea products from you.

Make additional profits by selling just a few select, retail items. A wholesale pet supply distributors list is included in all editions of The Groomer's Profit Kit.  Pictured here: These printable customer handouts will help you to sell brushes and flea products.  Displaying the handouts and retail items near the counter helps to capture impulse buys. The kit also includes printable price signs that will increase retail sales even more. 

Shedless program templates for use in social media marketing and more

Social Media Image Templates Help To Sell Your Customers On Your Services

Not only do the pamphlets, coupons and spa menus help to sell more services for you. But the kit also comes with matching social media image templates. Pre-made for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! You can also use them on your website too! 100% editable. You can customize them to your preferences or simply use them as they are.  The kit covers everything from traditional print to online marketing. It gives you a broad range of marketing to cover all of your bases for success.