The Groomers Profit Kit

Attract New Grooming Clients & Increase Profits!

The Kit Eliminates Any Need For Expensive Advertising Or Hiring Of Designers

The kit allows anyone of any skill level,  to effortlessly implement some of the most effective no-cost marketing strategies.  The kit contains over 850 easy edit templates,  that allow you to quickly create everything from social media graphics to printable signs and flyers.  Includes quick start guides, instructions, and booklets that walk you through setting up a complete profit system for your grooming business in just minutes.  

It's Setup As A 3-Part Success System

The Groomer's Profit Kit is set up as a three-part success system. It provides you with easy, inexpensive yet effective ways to bring in new customers, keeps them coming back and allows you to effortlessly make an additional profit on every groom. 

Includes over 850 easy edit templates that all focus on growing your business. Also includes three quick-read booklets that provide you will all the best marketing secrets. Plus four cheat sheets on how to have success with the top four social media channels. Also includes all the graphics that you will need to set those channels up. From social media designs, posting materials, to print projects... the Advanced kit contains it all pre-made for you. Simply slap your business name on any of the templates, or customize them further if you'd like, and then use them in minutes.

1. Attracts New Customers | 2.Retains Them | 3. Increases Profits

Saves You A Ton Of Time & Money And Eliminates Frustration

Save Money

Save money on advertising and promotions

The kit allows you to instantly put a strategic marketing system into place. It focuses on eliminating expensive paid advertising and replaces it with no-cost & low-cost methods that have been proven to work better! 

Save Time & Headaches

Save time & headaches typically associated with marketing

Master the marketing of your business in just minutes instead of months. Eliminate any need to hire expensive designers or pay for costly advertising or software. Edit the kit's templates online, using the easy & free Google Slides point & click editor.

Zero Design Skills Needed

Super easy to use. Simply click to edit templates

The kit's 850+ easy edit templates allow you to instantly create beautiful, professional looking flyers, social media graphics and more. All with just a click of a mouse! No skills needed.