The Groomers Profit Kit

Attract New Grooming Clients & Increase Profits!


This extraordinary planner combines your grooming appointment book, marketing plan, bookkeeping and goal planning all into one powerful business building binder!

January-December 2020

  • 52 Weekly, dated grooming appointment sheets are included (totaling 115 pages altogether) Covers January-December, 2020. 
  • Stay motivated with the weekly inspirational quotes printed on the top of each weekly page. There is a different quote for every week. 
  • Effectively use ALL your time to increase your efficiency and double your productivity by utilizing the weekly task checklist
  • Make bookkeeping faster with the monthly income tracker
  • 10 appointment slots per day provide you with a place to write down the appointment time, your Customer's Name, Phone number, Pet's Name, Breed, Sex, and Age.
  • Do you have more than one groomer? No problem, just run off additional copies. Everything fits nicely into a 1" three ring binder. 


This extraordinary Groomer's Appointment Book combines your grooming appointment book, marketing plan, bookkeeping and goal planning all into one powerful business building binder. 

Each month gives you a list of money making promotions to choose from. Just simply pick a promo to run for the month and display one of the 36 promo posters that are included and your done!

Built-In Goal Achievement System

Quickly transform your business with the goal achievement system that is built into this planner

The monthly goal worksheets let you develop a crystal clear plan of where you are, where you want to go, and most importantly, exactly how to get there 

Achieve more in one month than what most people ever do in a year

The planner sheets for each month will walk you through a professional analysis of what worked, what didn't and how to target exactly what you need to do the following month to take complete control over your destiny

Develop an incredible level of self-discipline that makes procrastination and losing focus nearly impossible

This system WORKS! It's founded upon the exact same principles that successful businesses use behind "closed door" meetings to strategically plan out their year.


Alphabetical grooming time list let's you write in your own time

This alphabetical listing of every breed lets you write in how long it takes you on average, to groom each breed. Keep this handy chart right in the appointment book and never again have someone schedule you short.

Alphabetical Price List

Cuts down on headaches! This same breed chart is also replicated and included in a price chart sheet format. This way if a new customer requests a price quote over the phone, anyone answering the phone can give out an accurate price range estimate. 

Make More Money This Year

This appointment book also includes a marketing planner for each month!

Every month has a list of three promotional ideas that focus on making more money, getting more grooming clients and retaining the ones that you have

36 Printable Money Making Programs

But ideas don't do you much good if you don't have the time to implement them. So....also included are 36 different printable promotional pieces! Just pick which one you want to use and print it out. 

So Affordable: No-one Will Have To Miss Out On An Extremely Profitable Year!

As the founder of several small businesses over the years, I know what it is like to come across a vital tool for your business and not be able to afford to buy it. One time, I paid over $1,500 for a seminar and business kit similar to this one. I literally maxed out my credit cards and drained my bank account just to get it because I knew that it would help me to grow my business. It did and it was well worth it, but I don't want you to have to experience that kind of financial anxiety just to get this important tool for your grooming business.So I am making this planner so that everyone can afford it and no-one will miss out on making this year a breakthrough year.

This Instant Download Printable, is super affordable. Here is what you can expect. You will get instant access to 6 printable pdf files. You will also be emailed the same files in case you didn't get them all downloaded. These are straight pdf files. Nothing to unzip. File one contains all pages in the book from January-December, 2020(totaling 115 pages). File two contains the 36 printable promos. File three contains the yearly marketing planner and goal sheets(68 pages total). File four and five contain the Ebooks. You will also get a one page instructions sheet. You will want to go to your local Walmart or office supply store and pick up one, 1" , 3-ring binder to put your printed planner in.  Print out the calendar pages in "grayscale" or "black & white" and select "actual size"(some printer manufacturers may vary). Print double sided and then three hole punch the stack of pages. Or print single sided if you want a blank page for notes, next to each dated page. We recommend having these printed at your local copy shop. Typical copy shop fees run around .05 -.06 cents per b&w copy. So it should come to around $9 for printing. Please note that the planner is meant to be printed in black and white and not color. To print that many color copies would run well over $100. There are 161 planner pages total and 36 color promo printables. 

The current year's printable planner and appointment book is available as a stand alone product. It is also included with every purchase of The Groomer's Profit Kit.