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Utilize Facebook as a FREE tool that continuously generates new grooming clients for your business

There are over 1.56 billion daily active users on Facebook, and the demographics include millions of pet owners. Facebook is an excellent, FREE way to stay in touch with your current clients, acquire new clients and increase sales. If you would like to learn how to get incredible results with facebook, then here are some simple steps to get you started. 


Get your Facebook page optimized for maximum performance

A majority of Facebook users are on mobile devices. And the mobile version will automatically show them nearby places. Which means that your business page will show up if you have it categorized as a local place when you set it up. If you didn’t do that, you can still change your page category so that you can benefit from this free feature. Simply look under your page settings section to change it. You will also want to thoroughly fill out each section under your page settings, paying special attention to the “about” section, the map section, hours, section, etc. As you fill out the information about your business, be certain to include keywords such as pet grooming, your city name and state and other keywords that people might type into Google search when looking for a new pet groomer. This will greatly increase your page's visibility in online search results and quite often, will cause your Facebook page to show up first in online search results, even ahead of most websites. If you need more help with setting up your page, we have included a Facebook Quick-Start Guide in our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit.    


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

it's important to have a professional and powerful Facebook cover & profile image to represent your business. The right images can mean the difference between someone choosing to "like" your page or not. It is crucial to get as many local pet owners to "like" your page as you can so that you can then begin to convert them into paying customers. You can create a professional image quickly by using templates. Our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit contains 20 Facebook cover templates and 24 matching profile image templates. You can also find many template tools online at  or 


Utilize the free "call to action" buttons

You can effortlessly get potential new clients to contact you by simply utilizing Facebook’s free “call to action” buttons for fanpages. These buttons show up right under your cover image and front and center on mobile devices. This feature alone can drive potential new clients to contact you. You can pick which call to action you would like. Your options range from “call now” to “book an appointment”. And yes, Facebook offers a free appointment booking app!  

To add a call-to-action button to your Page:

  1. Click + Add a Button below your Page's cover photo.
  2. Select a button from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Once the button has been created, you can test your button by hovering over your button. Then select “Test Button”.


Get more page fans

It's time to get you some fans. But not just any fans. The key here is to get local pet owners to like your page. Once they become a fan, it's easy to eventually convert them into paying customers. One of the quickest ways to begin acquiring fans is to start with your current clients. Which then gives you exposure to their Facebook friends, who can then discover and like your page. Here are some easy ways to get your current clients to like your fan page: Display a Facebook “like” sign near your checkout counter. Our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit comes with 40 templates to instantly print out a 5x7 inch sign. You can also get more clients to like your page by adding a link to your fan page on your website, the bottom of your receipts, the bottom signature line on all your emails, and links on your other social media pages. 

Generate additional fans through your current fans

Once your current clients become fans of your page, you can then begin to post cute "before & after" photos of their pets each time you groom them. You can "tag" your clients by typing their name into the post description (if they have liked your page, their name will pop up while you are typing it) to let them know that you have posted their pets adorable picture. They will almost always then share the cute photo of their baby with their friends. Then the power of Facebook really kicks in here. Once their friends see that they are using your grooming services, you immediately begin to see a rise in new customers. Because that one post gives you instant credibility. People have a natural tendency to value the opinions of their friends so that one post translates to this:  "If Jane takes her pets to this groomer then they must be good. I'll try them when it's time for my dogs to get groomed ". If you need “before & after” post templates, our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit comes with several seasonal templates for this. As a side note, we recommend that you get client’s approval to post their pets photos on social media. You can easily do this by incorporating this into your client pet release forms. The pet release form that comes with all of our kits, has this social media permission incorporated into it. 


Encourage check-in's, recommendations and reviews

Attract more new clients each time your current clients “check-In” to your Facebook page, leave a review or a recommendation. When they do any of those, that info gets seen by their Facebook friends which then gives you instant, free word of mouth advertising. You can encourage your clients to do this by posting a “check-in” sign in your business. Our Advanced kit includes 40 templates that you can use to quickly print one out. It also helps to take a photo of your new sign and post an enticing offer on your fanpage to encourage clients to “check-in” at their next appointment.    


Strategize and save time by utilizing free tools

Having a ton of fans is awesome, but the bottom line is this....if they don't lead to paying customers, then your fanpage can quickly become just another time zapper. So having a strategy in place will ensure that your page brings you new clients and only takes you about 20 minutes per week. You can achieve both of these goals easily. First, you will want to occasionally post things that will lead to new clients. But it is important to follow the 80/20 rule. That is, post 80% of content that is fun, entertaining, informative or valuable. And only post promotional content that will lead to new business 20% of the time. 

Generate free content

You can pre-schedule all of your Facebook page posts. When you go to post something, you will see the option to schedule it. It is a free tool built right into every Facebook business page. This means, that you can sit down just one day a week for twenty minutes and simply pre-schedule all of your posts for that week. Our Groomers Profit Kit comes with a monthly social media posting planner, which will save you some time in planning by allowing you to pre-plan your whole month ahead of time. If you need material to post to your page, there is a super helpful tool available from Google and it’s free. It’s called Google Alerts. Google Alerts will email you a list of all new content posted to the web, based on search terms that you set up. This will provide you with a constant flow of new content to post on your page. We recommend setting up alerts for search phrases like “cats (your city, state)” , “dogs (your city, state)”, “funny pets”, “pet health”, “dog tips”... etc, you get the idea. Google will email you each day with the results and then you can use that for posting material the next week. 

Images do best

Also, we recommend posting photos from your business. Our Advanced Groomers Profit Kit includes some nice templates to post “before & after” images of your client’s pets, along with some general pet templates and grooming promotions. There are 44 in total, and they cover all of the seasons and holidays too. They will provide you with plenty of ready made graphics for the whole year and you can customize them. When you post photos and graphics, we recommend typing a description of them, and include a link back to your website, or make a reference to the call to action buttons on your Facebook page. For example, if you posted a before & after photo, then you might want to say “ This is Sammy, a sweet and loveable Shih Tzu, owned by xyz(tag them) . Sammy got a makeover today at our salon, by (name of groomer). Doesn’t he look great! We would love the opportunity to give your beloved pet a makeover too. You can schedule an appointment right on our website at (insert link)”. Or you could refer to the “book an appointment” tab on your Facebook page. It also helps to occasionally post some printable coupons to entice new clients to try your services. Our kit also includes several coupon templates that you can save as a pdf or jpg, which people can print out.  


Utilize the built-in Facebook tabs

 Increase your sales by utilizing the free, built in Facebook tabs on your page. If you go to your page’s settings, you will see the option to customize your page’s tabs. Those tabs are versatile. The basic ones allow you to list your services and describe your business. But you will also find advanced options in which you can add products for sale through a Facebook Shop. If you sell physical products, this can bring you additional sales. If your website currently offers products for sale, most sites will have a built-in setup to merge with Facebook Shop. If not, you can sell directly on Facebook with the Shop tab and they will handle all of the credit card processing and the entire shopping cart experience for the typical online fees which are minimal. This is a great opportunity to bring in a bit of additional income. You can get all of the details about it here: . If you are concerned about shipping headaches, the US Post Office offers flat rate shipping boxes that you can use to ship products. Just visit your local post office to pick them up in the lobby. You can pack & ship, and schedule a pick up all right online at

Facebook tabs can also be utilized to capture email addresses of potential clients and more. Most online marketing tools offer free apps to merge with your Facebook page. Take a look at what you currently are using and see if any of them offer helpful tools for Facebook. Almost all utilities now do.


Boost your posts to reach local pet owners

After you have your page optimized with all of the above steps, you can propel your page’s success even further by utilizing Facebook’s “ boosted posts” option. Boosted posts are part of Facebook’s paid advertising program. For as little as $5, you can boost one of your posts and specify it to be shown to a specific audience of your choice. As a local business, this is a fantastic opportunity to get targeted exposure to other local pet owners. You can specify that your ad gets shown to people only located near you, or to your fans and their friends, or you can laser target it to only show to local people who have an interest in pets. Its a fantastic opportunity to gain new clients for very little cost. Right now, it is simply one of the most effective forms of paid advertising available. Plus, it helps you to ensure that your most important posts get seen. Unfortunately, Facebook has an algorithm that keeps changing, just like Google. Which means that some of your posts will only be shown to a small portion of your page fans sometimes. So boosted posts are a good way to overcome that when you want to ensure that a post gets seen.  

Post at optimal times

Lastly, it is also good to know the optimal times to post for best results. Mornings and weekends have been shown to be the top posting times. And experts recommend posting 3-5 times per week. 

Expand Your Reach To Instagram, Pinterest And Youtube Too

Now that you are armed with the outline of how to succeed on facebook. It's time to make it happen for you. If you want to fast track through getting this system into place for yourself, you can instantly download the Advanced Groomer's Profit Kit, with all of the Facebook templates and a Quick-Start Guide. It also includes materials for Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube marketing as well. All of these social media channels offer dozens of ways to market your business for free, and our kit’s social media section will help you to get started with them quickly and easily.