The Groomers Profit Kit

Attract New Grooming Clients & Increase Profits!

Keep Customers Coming Back Again & Again

Why Customer Loyalty Is So Important

It has been proven that It takes 80% more time & money to attract new customers than it does to keep current ones. So The Groomer's Profit Kit provides you with several ready to go materials and strategies that will guarantee that your current clients will not only keep coming back to you but will also refer you to their friends!

Good Behavior rewards templates included it Advanced kit

The Kit's Adorable "Good Behavior Rewards" Make Clients Feel Special

Pet owners love taking their pets to places where the staff treats them like they are special. Occasionally handing out things like the kit's Good Behavior Rewards to well-behaved pets makes customers feel special and will help to keep them coming back. 

Three styles of pet grooming report cards included in the Advanced kit

Pet Grooming Report Cards Improve Communication & Add That Personal Touch

Pet Report Cards provide that added personal touch that puts a smile on client’s faces. Personal touches like this,  help to keep customers loyal to you.  Several editable pet report card designs are included in our kit with editable templates.

Pet report cards are also an excellent communication tool to inform clients if their pet has any noticeable health issues as well. Things like this can often get forgotten in a busy salon but the report cards will help to ensure that all clients are given that one on one attention even when things get busy. 

Pet grooming release form template

Printable Pet Release Forms With Client Record Sheet Help To Keep Service Consistent

The kit's client record forms and pet release forms make it easy to keep detailed records of each client’s grooming service. The information will be useful when customers return and will enable your salon to provide consistent service to the client. Inconsistent service is a common complaint heard from grooming customers. So taking notes of exactly what was done at each appointment will eliminate that possibility and will help to keep customers happy and loyal to you. The pet release form is an easy way to quickly update your client's contact information and signature every 12 months. 

Pet grooming business postcards templates

Bring Back Lost Customers With Printable Postcards

Postcards are a handy way to reach out to customers who have not been in, in awhile. You will be able to print out postcards for pennies with the postcard templates that are included in our kit. They work best when printed on heavy cardstock paper(available for around $5/ream at any Walmart). Ideally, postcard mailings are done twice a year, every six months. This project may be easier to complete if you work on addressing just a few each day when you have downtime.  Several postcard template designs are included in our kit. 

Several different designs to create your own appointment cards

Reduce Missed Appointments With Printable Appointment Cards

Appointment cards printed on the back of the business cards will help to cut down on no-shows. There is an editable appointment card template included with the kit, along with over a dozen business card template designs. This will allow you to print out your own cards for just pennies! Simply edit, print onto cardstock paper and cut. 

Create your own customer rewards cards in any color for just pennies. Templates included in Advanced

Printable Rewards Cards Offer Customers Enticing Incentives For Staying Loyal

Customer reward cards can make customers feel appreciated and offers them an incentive for staying loyal. They also help to cut down on customers getting enticed to try a new salon due to coupons or discounts that they see in advertisements. DIY rewards card templates are included in the Groomer’s Profit Kit. Allowing you to print out your own customer punch cards for just pennies.